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David Mettler


Known for his spontaneity, humor, and high energy, David will captivate, inspire and motivate your audience!


David helps business and community leaders achieve their full potential by giving them the tools they need to understand and overcome today’s complex challenges.  His presentations are instructional, motivational, and entertaining. 


David’s unique and popular speaking style is energetic, fun and highly interactive from the start. His message resonates with audiences from the first few minutes all the way through to the finale. Much of David’s brilliance lies in the fact that no matter whether he is speaking to large groups, focusing on small workshops or one-on-one media interviews—everything comes straight from his heart.  Participants leave each presentation with a 21-day action plan and ideas they can implement that day to generate quick, far-reaching results.


David’s background includes senior leadership responsibilities at Fortune’s top corporations.  He chaired a large non-profit organization's business advisory board, helped suppliers, customers, and diverse work groups work together for success, and championed a critical foreign assignment.  David has been tested through climates of high and rapid growth and decline; new product launch and phase-out; and continues to be a key player through complex business start-ups and business turnarounds.  His presentations include gems from this collection of wit, wisdom, and the valuable lessons learned along the way. 


David has helped thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders break through level after level of success by sharing his unique and proven methods for getting hold of their business, leading individuals, teams, and connecting with customers.



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“Wayne Gretzky’s success came from skating to

where the puck was going.


Mine came from already being there.” 

                                                                               - David Mettler

Greatness is waiting.  Are you ready?

David Mettler
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